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If you are a business owner and have been thinking of Starting your own Online Store that becomes a brand with a loyal following of thousands of customers, then that is easily possible!

  • You might have been thinking its really complex to create a online web presence and generate revenue using it.
  • If so, let us assure you, starting an online store is no rocket science. It can become really easy to manage if you have the right tools and the right guidance.

We at OnlineStoreBuilder.Pro are committed to help all medium, small, very small or individual based business be successful online, we have built ready to use solutions with the right tools for your exact business needs.

  • Our dream is to bring about a change and prepare a solution which can Empower entrepreneurs who can work from home or anywhere, creating 1000’s or 100000’s of online businesses catering to a local area or a city or a country or internationally.
  • A part of our dream is to bring our solutions to the vast pool of talented resource in our wonderful homes, yes these are the great moms who give up their jobs to take care of their little ones and family.

Hence, our thought was not to build a complex solution but One which is fun and easy to work with.

So, then, what did you need to start your own online store easily with powerful management?

First, Lets start with what are the components you need to easily start an online business? We are making this as simple as possible.

  1. A online store platform where you can host your online store.
  2. A Content Management system that helps you build your online store.
  3. An e-commerce solution that you sell your products.
  4. A digital marketing platform which helps you market your website and products.
  5. A monitoring and tracking sytem to monitor and track your Online Store.
  6. Help and Support to use all the above tools.

Now that looks complex, but once we show you how, you can manage this system yourself.

  • Once you have an helping hand and we show you how to go about this platform, you can manage your own business online.
  • Now to make things easier, we have bundled all the above online business needs together in one solution! And we have created specialized solutions based on individual types of businesses.
  • Manage your products & orders online, sell anywhere & everywhere.
  • Manage unlimited products and inventory. Track sales and growth trends.

Ok, let’s see how to start your own online store.

Lets see the steps you need to start your online store

Ok great, I am going to first tell you the complex way to do this and than the easy way.

The complex way:

  • Get a Hosting Account
  • Get a Domain (www address) and map it to the Host
  • Install a content management system (We recommend WordPress it powers 26% of the Web and is incredibly powerful and flexible)
  • Install a theme and setup look and feel.
  • Find and Install necessary Plugins.
  • Perform Web portal settings
  • Perform newsletter and e-commerce settings
  • Add pages and posts
  • Add products
  • Go live
  • Market your Website

The Easy Way:

  • Sign-up with OnlineStoreBuilder.Pro
  • Choose from one of the tailor-made Business Models
  • Add pages and posts
  • Add products
  • Add & send marketing newsletters or sms
  • Market your business with Social Media Marketing
  • Go live & Market your Website

We take care of all the Technology while you can take care of your Business!

Can you manage your own Online store builder website?

Yes definitely, with a powerful Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress it is very easy to create and manage your own Web Portal.

Here are the key benefits of using WordPress:

  • Easy to Manage
  • Simple WYSIWIG editor that allows you to edit pages like in e-mails or a Wordprocessor.
  • The OnlineStoreBuilder.Pro marketing solutions are powered by the WordPress CMS
  • Furthermore, we have included a step-by-step process to guide you through the complete process of creating your e-commerce business portal.
My Business needs are very specific, how can your system work for me?

We do understand that every business has its own specific needs, requirements and pain areas.

Hence we have created multiple business layouts for you to choose from:

How does the OnlineStoreBuilder.Pro e-marketing system help me?

The OnlineStoreBuilder.Pro marketing solution is an end-to-end solution which helps you to:

  1. Manage your Web pages and portal, update as and when required
  2. Add unlimited business pages, products, blogs there are no limits!
  3. You can integrate with a wide range of add-ons – eCommerce, eRentals, eService or eLearning.
  4. Market your business with Digital Marketing
  5. Manage your sales, orders and offers online
How does the OnlineStoreBuilder.Pro e-marketing solution help me market my business?

The OnlineStoreBuilder.Pro’s e-marketing has built in marketing tools:

  1. Lead Generation system which allows you to capture email, phone number of prospects and leads
  2. Integrated e-mail and sms marketing to follow-up with your leads and customers
  3. Social Media sharing buttons for yourself and your users to share your website pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…
  4. Setup an online booking calendar for generating leads.
  5. Generate website traffic using cost effective and powerful social media marketing.
Do I get any help to setup and learn this system?
  1. Definitely, we will set up the system for you initially.
  2. We will also provide you with a step-by-step guide to setup your e-marketing website.
  3. Things like adding a new pages or products, changing its price or any other details are very simple and easy to use.
  4. We provide you with e-mail based support to help you on road blocks.
  5. Minimal technical know-how is required to learn using the marketing solution systems.
Where and How can I market my business in a simple manner?

We have a¬†command when it comes to marketing activities online with our years of experience. We have been more than successful to help the organizations achieve their marketing goals. Why should you approach us? Some of the goals that we have been able to fulfill are listed very briefly –

  1. Boosting the sales of a new or existing business to generate maximum profits
  2. Generating new leads for businesses to thrive
  3. Achieving the maximum of business potential through their staff to achieve at max operational efficiency
  4. Engage the customers to improve the system to achieve amazing customer experience

Just very simply contact us at our helpline numbers (+91) – 7900001109 or simply drop us an email at support@onlinestorebuilder.pro leaving your contact details so that we can discuss, understand your marketing requirements and guide you to achieve your goals.


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